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Natural & Holistic Medicine

Doctor Liat Engel


What is Homeopathy?

                                                                                      Homeopathy is a comprehensive system of medicine. Elements of your chief complaint along with symptoms on your physical, mental and emotional planes are considered. This is important in order to individualize a medicine for you. For example, there are several excellent medicines for seasonal allergies, and in order to select the best allergy medicine for you, it’s necessary to understand your constitution, how you respond to stressful events and what makes you tick. All this information is used to find the best match for your symptom pattern. Homeopathic medicines are derived from plant, animal or mineral sources and are prepared in a specific method in a homeopathic pharmacy.


How does Homeopathy work?


Homeopathy promotes your body’s ability to heal itself from within. It is a low force intervention that gently stimulates your internal vitality and allows for a curative process to unfold. When the correct match is made between a remedy and you’re individual presentation, the potential for real healing is greatly optimized. Homeopathic medicine will raise your tolerance levels against stress and improve your immune systems resistance, balance hormones and harmonize emotional states. A constitutional prescription has the potential to improve overall wellbeing where sleep, energy and mood are stabilized, while a more acute prescription provides relief in the severity and shortens the duration of your particular injury or illness.


When is Homeopathy used?


When treating chronic issues, a constitutional prescription is recommended; whereas a sudden injury or infection can be prescribed based off an acute presentation.  Longstanding issues such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, headaches, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety and depression are all treatable through a constitutional prescription. Acute conditions such as infection, bleeding, vomiting or diarrhea are just some examples of common treatable issues with acute homeopathic medicine.


Keep in mind, that for best results it is recommended that you be evaluated by a skilled clinician. In order for an effective prescription to take place, it is necessary to match the patient’s individual presentation with the correct homeopathic remedy at its proper potency and dosage. So, whether you are struggling to recover from an acute ailment/injury, or if you are suffering from a more chronic condition – have hope because homeopathy can help you! 

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